To show our appreciation, and to

 give you a reminder of the 

 resiliency of children born with 

 Bladder Exstrophy, you will receive 

 this BE Tough rubber bracelet with

 any $5.00 or more donation. 



     The story of these bracelets began when our family was prepping for our son's next big surgery.  We were planning a visit to his classroom to speak with his classmates about why he would be out of school for a couple of months.  We wanted to calm any fears they may have had with a reminder of just how tough our son is.  

     The colors of the bracelets are reflective of our son's absolute love for the Ravens and the Orioles.  And knowing his distinctive strength and grit, the phrase "Be Tough" seemed an obvious choice.  It wasn't until we were almost finished the ordering process that we realized the play on words of "BE Tough".  That made it all the more special, and all the more appropriate.  It was upon this realization that we increased the order quantity and decided to offer the bracelets as a thank you for all donations made to Dr. Gearhart's BE research fund through Birdies for Bladders.  

     The back side, "JM", is our son's initials.  This serves as a reminder of the person you are helping with your donation; a real live human being who is able to live a fun, fulfilling and "normal" life only thanks to the amazing work of the Johns Hopkins urology team.  It is also there as a source of support and strength for the other BE children and families who will be wearing the bracelets as a reminder that you are not alone.  You are not the only ones facing the sometimes trying times associated with BE.  You, too, are BE Tough.


Not much of a golfer, or can't make the tournament this year but want to donate to a great cause?  We certainly welcome donations!  Donations of any amount are greatly appreciated!  Simply send a check made out to "Birdies for Bladders" to :


Birdies for Bladders

Po Box 9417

Catonsville, MD 21228 











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